6 Dog-Friendly Fall Activities

Is there anything better than taking a stroll with your dog as leaves swirl around in a vibrant display of autumn colors? While nothing may beat that specific experience, there are plenty of other things you can do with your beloved pooch during the fall that go beyond taking a walk! From baking homemade fall treats to enjoying the great outdoors together, check out our list of different ways to enjoy the fall with your best friend. 

Bake fall-themed dog treats 

Your dog probably can’t help you bake cookies, but you can certainly bake cookies for him or her! One of the most popular fall foods – pumpkin – is actually very good for your dog. Check out these five fall recipes your dog will be sure to love to get started. Recipes range from pumpkin-apple dog treats to super simple sweet potato treats. 

Watch out for certain foods that are popular in the fall that could potentially make your dog sick. Those include:

  • Onions
  • Raisins
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Turkey skin or gravy
  • Pumpkin pie – too much sugar!
  • Macadamia nuts

For more foods your pet should avoid in the fall, check out our blog on Thanksgiving safety for pets!

Bring your dog into PetWellClinic all dressed up!

Dress your doggie up for Halloween

What’s cuter than a puppy? A Corgi dressed as a bumblebee. A Golden Retriever wearing a lion’s mane. A Bulldog dressed up as Mario. A Yorkie dressed as an Ewok. With the wonderful world of pet costumes for Halloween, you too can make these things happen. 

A well-socialized dog will enjoy spending time with you and your family as you go trick-or-treating. Bring plenty of water and poop bags if you plan on spending a long time walking around. If your dog prefers to stay home, consider letting him or her hang out on the porch with you while you hand out treats. Or, just dress her up and take some fun, memorable pictures!

Remember that you should never force your pet to wear costumes if it makes them uncomfortable and stressed out. Some alternatives to a full costume could include a fun bandana that reflects the festivities of the season, or a special collar!

Check out our other Halloween pet safety tips!

Go camping with your best canine friend

If your dog enjoys exploring, getting out in nature this fall will be right up their alley. Take your pooch camping for a night or two. If it’s the first time camping together, remember that preparation is key. Bring plenty of water and think ahead about his sleeping arrangements. Some dogs may not enjoy being a tent, while others do. 

The views will be spectacular wherever you camp in the fall, and you can even throw in some hiking while you’re there. Some key things to bring for your dog include:

  • Any medications they may need
  • Dog treats
  • A stake or tether
  • A leash

Check out these tips from KOA.com for a full list of how to prepare for a camping trip with your dog. 

Play with your dog outdoors to keep them happy and healthy.

Make your pet a part of yard work

If you have a full day of raking your leaves planned, let your dog play in the piles when you’re done! You may have to do your work twice, but you’ll have a very happy little buddy. Throw his favorite toys into the pile to get him started and see whether he enjoys it or not. If he does, jump right in there with him! 

Don’t play in the pile of leaves if they’ve been left out more than a day. Snakes could get into it to keep warm as the temperatures drop. Also, be sure to remove any sticks that may have gotten accidentally raked up. 

Piles of leaves are also known to be popular hiding places for pests like ticks. Make sure your pet is still up to date with flea and tick medication, even when it’s cold outside! 

Visit your local PetWellClinic today to ask our team about the best flea and tick medicine for your dog!

Go for a scenic drive

Your dog will love the change in scents in the fall. Take a scenic drive with the windows cracked and let them smell the fresh, fall air! You’ll both enjoy the views as well. If you’re lucky enough to live in some of these areas, check out these pet-friendly scenic drives for some incredible fall foliage:

  • Aspen, Colorado
  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Bend, Oregon 
  • Hudson Valley, New York
  • Natchez Trace Parkway
  • Shenandoah National Park
  • The Great Smoky Mountains

Schedule preventative care

Ensuring your dog gets routine preventative care is key to keeping him healthy. That includes things like a yearly rabies vaccine, heartworm tests, and wellness checks. Whether it’s routine visits for your pet, or bringing your pet to the vet for the first time, you can count on us to provide you with the services you need right when you need it. PetWellClinic provides convenient veterinary care for pet owners. PetWellClinic has locations and services built with convenience in mind. Stop by with your pet any time! No appointment necessary.

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