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Community, Kindness, Growth, Openness, and Service.

We serve our community by innovating ways to provide high-quality veterinary care in a convenient manner for you. We deliver pet care with kindness by showing compassion and understanding of our client’s position without judgment. Growth is important to us as a company, as team members and as part of our growing community. Openness not only describes the physical layout of our clinics but also characterizes both the honest, transparent way we conduct ourselves and the way we embrace new ideas. Service excellence and service to others in our community is key to why we exist.

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PetWellClinic® was built with the busy pet owner in mind, and our process reflects that! We prioritize your time, your pet's health, and your overall experience.

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PetWellClinic®: the veterinary clinic your pet deserves!

PetWellClinic’s walk-in clinic model is built with dedicated pet owners in mind. From the first moment you walk into one of our clinics you’re guaranteed a transparent and straightforward process. From the explanation of our services to the layout of our clinics, you’ll know what’s going on throughout the entire process. Your pet is always in your sight, and we’re committed to making sure you understand every service we recommend before you pay for it.


We all want to be educated and informed pet owners, which is why we take the complication and confusion out of a visit to the vet clinic. Never settle for care that’s second best. Our PetWellClinic promise to you is to always provide your pet with the kindness and compassion they deserve, while giving you peace of mind with only the best products available on the market. No matter what your schedule looks like, there’s a PetWellClinic nearby ready to serve you and your pet.

Convenient, affordable veterinary care that you can trust.

Veterinary care with pet owners in mind

PetWellClinic offers only the best of the best. The medicine and products we offer have been hand-picked by our team of veterinarians with your pet’s health in mind. You never have to question whether we’ve skimped on the quality of our vaccines. We promise to always offer your pet exactly what we would give to our own pet.

Our business model is built with you in mind. Gone are the days of calling your veterinarian and being told the next available appointment is two weeks away. We don’t just offer certain hours for walk-in visits. Our extended hours of operation are 100% walk-in visits all of the time. Stop by when you need to and skip the appointment process!

At PetWellClinic it is a priority to make sure you understand what services your pet is getting at all times. We discuss every decision with you and will educate you about anything that isn’t clear. We don’t expect you to have a degree in veterinary medicine, so we shouldn’t expect you to know what every medicine or service means. We always want to be open and transparent with you as a pet owner.

Our business model allows us to save you money. Because of this we’re able to offer you the best of the best when it comes to veterinary medicine at an affordable price! With our convenient wellness packages, you can save even more money while making sure that your pet has a long and healthy life.

At PetWellClinic we offer convenient, affordable and comprehensive wellness packages made with your pet’s health future in mind.

Wellness Packages

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