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Our Covid-19 procedures are as follows: 1) Our team members are wearing masks all day even when clients are not present, 2) clients are required to wear masks when they come in, 3) upon arrival, text your name and pet’s name to the number listed on the sign outside, 4) if you can, use this website to login and get in the queue online (this will save you time but not required), however, remember to still text us when you arrive, and 5) we will allow only 2 client groups into our location at a time.  Stay safe.

The PetWellClinic®

The PetWellClinic® is a walk-in veterinary wellness clinic dedicated to helping dog and cat owners prevent their pets from getting diseases and parasites, diagnose and treat illnesses, injuries and skin conditions, manage chronic conditions and monitor lab work in a quick and affordable manner. We offer: quality care, clean environment, convenient hours, no long waiting, quick in and out, affordable prices, and manufacturer-guaranteed preventive medications at internet prices.

Our PetWell® Values

Community, Kindness, Growth, Openness, and Service. We serve our community by innovating ways to provide quality wellness, preventive and sick care in a convenient manner. We deliver pet care with kindness by showing compassion and understanding of our client’s position without judgment. Growth is important to us as a company, as team members and as part of our growing community. Openness not only describes the physical layout of our clinics but also characterizes both the honest, transparent way we conduct ourselves and the way we embrace new ideas. Service excellence and service to others in our community is key to why we exist.

Our Services

We offer four general areas of veterinary services

Wellness Care

Serving the best in wellness care, the PetWellClinic provides annual wellness exams, vaccinations, annual wellness lab tests and tests for internal and external parasites, as well as preventive heartworm and flea medicine at an affordable price.

Minor Illnesses

Most of what we do as veterinarians at the PetWellClinic is take care of ear infections, skin issues, eye problems, minor injuries, cough and nasal discharge, stomach upsets, and other gastrointestinal issues.

Chronic Conditions

For senior pets with issues like arthritis and those pets suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes and heart failure, we at the PetWellClinic make it convenient and affordable to maximize your pet's comfort. From periodic medication blood testing to the actual chronic medications, we provide guidance for your pet's care on an outpatient basis.

Laboratory Testing

We offer the most comprehensive blood testing at an affordable price. Come to us if your current veterinarian charges more or if your pet needs a periodic blood test for certain medications. We make it easy to send the results to you or the entity of your choice.

PetWellClinic® Locations

We have four locations to serve you!

PetWellClinic - West Knoxville

Our PetWellClinic location is located at 10549 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37922, between Lovell Rd and the Pellissippi Parkway. Open 11am-7pm Monday through Friday, and 1pm-5pm on Saturday.

PetWellClinic - Midland Plaza Alcoa

This location can be found at 228 S.Calderwood Rd, Alcoa, TN 37701. Open 11am-7pm Monday through Friday, and 1pm-5pm on Saturday.

PetWellClinic - West Hills

This PetWellClinic location can be found at 7329 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 near the West Town Mall. Open 7 days a week 11am-7pm.

PetWellClinic - Randolph Street

308 Randolph St., Knoxville, TN 37917 Open 11am-7pm Monday through Friday, 1-5pm Saturday

PetWellClinic - Emory Road

713 E. Emory Road Suite 104 Knoxville, TN 37938. Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 11am-7pm

Our Vets

Our Veterinarians are here for you and your pets!

Katie Comerford DVM

Emily Harmon DVM

Sam Meisler DVM

Carrie Linn DVM

Nicole Corder-Ramos DVM

Brittany Bottoms DVM

Kristyn Souliere DVM


Testimonials from our clients

Very friendly staff, quick to get in and out, especially with the convenience of prepaying online! the best service around for the money!

Terry J.

I love being able to walk in without an appointment and really appreciate the caring environment. My last visit was exceptional, and a big thank you to the staff for helping me with my dog who has difficulty walking.

Angeline A.

Wonderful veterinarian & staff! I have NEVER been to a better vet and I’ve had animals my whole life. I can’t brag enough on this place. Such a blessing.

Shareka T.

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