Your Pet’s First Visit to the Vet: What To Expect

You’ve finally brought your new furry-friend home for the first time and you’re completely ready. You’ve stocked up on treats, bought too many toys, and pet-proofed your home. But have you planned for your pet’s first vet visit?

Part of being a pet parent is finding a veterinarian you trust and bringing your pet in for physical exams and preventative care. Second to you, the most important person in your pet’s life is your veterinarian! How do you start the relationship between your veterinarian and your pet off on the right paw?

How to Prepare For Your First Visit

We all want to be educated and informed pet owners, which is why PetWellClinic takes the complication and confusion out of a visit to the veterinary clinic. No matter what your schedule looks like, there’s a PetWellClinic nearby ready to serve you and your pet. Our walk-in model doesn’t require appointments at all. Find a time that works for your schedule and just show up with your pet!

Believe it or not, there are steps you can take to prepare your pet for their visit to the vet. This helps ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and you get all of your questions answered while you’re there. Follow our tips to make sure your pet’s first visit to the vet is a success! These same tips can be applied if you’re switching vet offices for a pet you already own.

Prepare Notes and Questions

Our vet will need some basic information on your pet, so before you come to the clinic, make sure to jot down:

  • The names and doses of all of your pet’s medications
  • The food they eat
  • Their toilet habits
  • Any behavioral issues you’ve noticed
  • Any odd physical symptoms you’ve noticed

Additionally, write down any questions that you have for the appointment

  • Are there certain toys my pet shouldn’t have? 
  • Do I need to purchase pet insurance?
  • What type of food does my pet need? 
  • When should I spay/neuter my pet?
  • How often should my pet get a physical exam? 
  • How should I socialize my pet?

You may feel like you have a hundred questions, but don’t worry, our PetWellClinic veterinarians will make sure you feel confident and knowledgeable about your pet’s needs, and even offer advice in areas you might not have thought to ask about.

Pack a Bag

New places can be scary for animals, especially places that smell like other cats and dogs. Bring your pet’s favorite toys and blanket to help ease their stress. Make sure your dog is leashed and your cat is in a carrier before coming into the clinic. This ensures the safety of our staff, your pet, and the other pets and pet owners.

You can also try using artificial pet pheromones that are developed to calm your pet when they’re feeling anxious. Learn more about these and other calming solutions in our blog post about anxiety in pets!

Register Your Pet Online

Before you arrive, register your pet for care at PetWellClinic online at Find the location in your neighborhood and create a pet profile! Be prepared to answer some basic information such as: 

  • Your pet’s current medication
  • Their eating and drinking habits
  • Past medical records

Once you’ve registered your pet, you can let us know you’re coming in online before you visit to make your check-in process faster! When you arrive, just walk on in.

In the waiting room, keep your pet calm by speaking to them in a soft, reassuring voice and keep close to them since your presence is comforting. If your pet is inside a carrier, draping a blanket or towel over it could calm their stress and anxiety.

From the minute you walk in, you’re guaranteed a transparent and straightforward process. From the explanation of services and packages to the clinic’s layout, your pet will always be in your sight.

What To Expect During The Visit

Our veterinary staff will begin by asking you a series of questions about your pet’s history. In the physical exam process, they will examine your pet’s physical condition. This may include:

  • Checking weight
  • Measuring body temperature and pulse
  • Observing your pet walking
  • Opening the mouth to observe teeth and gums
  • Evaluating your pet’s body for any abnormalities (e.g. lumps and bumps)
  • Listening to their heart and lungs
  • Checking your pet’s reflexes

Next, depending upon the wellness package you selected, vaccines and other tests will be administered.

After your appointment, your vet will recommend all of the medication your pet needs to stay healthy and strong. This may include Heartworm and Flea & Tick Prevention, which is available to take home with you that same day.

If you still have questions, ask for clarity on anything you may not understand. We value transparency and are here to help!

You can leave happy knowing your pet has a team of veterinary professionals invested in their health. We understand you want what’s best for your pet, and so do we!

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You and your pet always come first.

Packages We Offer

Start your pet off on the right paw with a wellness package. Whether you have a dog or a cat, we offer convenient, affordable and comprehensive wellness packages made with your pet’s healthy future in mind.

For dogs we offer:

  • 5-in-1 (DAPP)
  • Lepto 4-way
  • Bordetella
  • Heartworm Test
  • Dewormer
  • CBC/GHP Chem/T4
  • Physical Exams
  • Rabies Vaccine

For cats we offer:

  • 3-in-1 (FVRC)
  • Feline Leukemia Test
  • Felv Test
  • Dewormer
  • CBC/GHP Chem/T4
  • Physical Exam
  • Rabies Vaccine

We’ve also created Puppy & Kitten packages to make your life as a new pet owner easier. You can choose between the Basic and Plus package to give your puppy or kitten’s immune system everything it needs to grow healthy and strong.

PetWellClinic Puppy Packages

Our Basic Puppy Package is essential to ensure your puppy’s health. The basic puppy package includes a full physical examination, canine DAPP, fecal test (so please bring in a stool sample), and deworming for hookworms and roundworms on your puppy’s first visit.

Then every three weeks, a canine DAPP booster, deworming, and fecal test, will be repeated until your puppy has at least two DAPPs given over 12 weeks of age. On the last two visits, your puppy will receive a Leptospirosis vaccination, and on the last visit, a Rabies vaccine and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine will be administered.

We also offer a Plus Puppy Package! On top of receiving everything we mentioned above, your puppy will also get a full physical examination, nail trim and a dose of heartworm preventive at every visit.

We recommend starting your puppy on a wellness plan at 6-8 weeks of age.

dog's first vet visit, pet's first visit to the vet, kittens first trip to the vet, puppy first trip to the vet
Our puppy packages make your life easier!

PetWellClinic Kitten Packages

Our Basic Kitten Package is essential to ensure your kitten’s health. This package includes a full physical examination, feline FVRCP, fecal test (so please bring in a stool sample), and deworming for hookworms and roundworms on your kitten’s first visit.

Then every three weeks, a feline FVRCP booster, deworming, and fecal test, will be repeated until your kitten has had at least two FVRCPs administered over 12 weeks of age. On the last two visits, your kitten will also receive the Felv vaccine, and on the last visit, a Rabies vaccination will be administered. 

We also offer a Plus Kitten Package. This package choice gives you everything that the basic package does plus a full physical exam, nail trim, and dose of heartworm preventive at every visit.

We recommend starting your kitten on a wellness plan at 6-8 weeks of age.

Regardless of what you choose, we guarantee that our puppy & kitten packages will save you time, money, and alleviate some of the stress that comes with bringing home a little furry-friend.

Visiting PetWellClinic

At PetWellClinic, our goal is to serve you and your pet with the positive experience you both deserve. When you trust us with your beloved pet, we guarantee you will experience:

  • High quality veterinary care
  • Affordable prices
  • Compassion and understanding for your pet
  • Transparency and a, straightforward process
  • Convenient walk-in visits

Our clinics are built with the busy pet owner in mind. We prioritize your time, your pet’s health, and your overall experience. Because of our walk-in model, any type of behavioral or health issues that you notice in your pet can be quickly checked by one of our veterinarians. Rest assured, you and your pet are in good hands.

Additionally, we only offer the best of the best. The medicine and products we offer have been hand-picked by our team of veterinarians, so you never have to question the quality of our vaccines and other pet products. We promise to always offer your pet exactly what we would give to our own pets. 

Furthermore, it is our priority to make sure you understand what services your pet is getting at all times. We discuss every decision with you and will educate you about anything that isn’t clear. Veterinary visits should never be confusing or overwhelming!

PetWellClinic is dedicated to being here for pet owners. Our hours of operation extend into the evenings and weekends, and our clinic environment is built with your pet’s comfort in mind. Find your local PetWellClinic today and bring your pet in for their first appointment!

PetWellClinic provides convenient, affordable veterinary care for pet owners. PetWellClinic has locations and services built with convenience in mind. Stop by with your pet any time! No appointment necessary.

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