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PetWellClinic was the idea of Dr. Sam Meisler as a way to make preventive care affordable and convenient for dog and cat owners in the Knoxville, TN area.

In 2009, during the Great Recession and at the suggestion of his wife, Julie, Dr. Sam Meisler came up with his idea of the PetWellClinic. “The original idea came up while reading the New York Times in bed with my morning coffee way back in 2006,” said Dr. Meisler. “In fact, it was my wife who turned to me and showed me an article on the Walgreen’s Take Care Clinics and asked me why couldn’t we do that for veterinary care?”

“So many of the diseases that we see in practice are preventable at a minimum of expense. If we can make prevention affordable and convenient, less pets will succumb to devastating diseases like parvovirus and feline leukemia.”

“And we have now added veterinary care for minor ailments and chronic conditions. If we can do the simple things well and efficiently, we can make most of the conditions pets suffer from affordable to treat.”

– Sam Meisler DVM

PetWellClinic, from its infancy, was built around the client. “I wanted it to be very focused on customer choice,” Dr. Meisler said of the clinic’s design. An innovative client flow involved pet owners picking what they wanted first by looking at an overhead pricing board, paying for it ahead of time at the counter, and then the veterinary team delivering it.


Our goal is to make excellent wellness, preventive, and minor ailment care more accessible to the community through new and exciting ways. Whether it be through services provided in one of our clinics or volunteering in our community, we always serve those around us with genuine care.

Above all, we are kind- to both our clients and our team members. We always strive to understand the human condition, bring empathy and care to every interaction, and create a judgement-free environment where all are welcome.

PetWellClinic is growing and growing FAST. We are always hungry for new challenges and chances to develop, both as individuals and as a team. If you are at your best in the moment and seeking development with feedback, you are one of us.

Openness is central to the PetWellClinic concept. It shows up in everything we do, from our smaller physical footprint to being open to delivering medicine in new ways. Are you open to learning our way – both now and in the future as we evolve?

Our clients come first and we are all about excellent customer service. We treat every human with dignity while honoring our clients’ time by delivering care that is efficient.

Interested in owning your own PetWellClinic®?