Why Try PetWellClinic? Drew Can Tell You.



Many pet owners come to PetWellClinic® from word-of-mouth referrals from friends, neighbors, or family members. Drew S., of Knoxville, is one of those satisfied customers. Drew and his fiancee, Kaci, started going to PetWellClinic® in February 2015, after they adopted their puppy, Axl Rose. “At the time, I lived with a friend who took his dog to PetWellClinic® for his annual exam and shots, and he spoke highly of the service,” Drew said.

In addition, Kaci has three cats, and she takes them to PetWellClinic® for their annual exams and vaccinations as well. She had been commuting to her previous vet in Oak Ridge for any veterinary needs, but Drew said, “After finding PetWellClinic®, the process of taking the cats to the vets has gotten much easier and less stressful.” When one of the cats had a lump that needed to be examined, Drew and Kaci took her to PetWellClinic® where the vet was able to give her a clean bill of health.

Most recently, Axl had been having some worrisome episodes of anxiety ever since Drew moved to a new home. Axl had been acting nervously and was completely unwilling to be crated. Concerned, Drew and Kaci took Axl to PetWellClinic® one evening for a consultation. “The staff was extremely caring and took the time to fully understand the situation,” Drew said, adding, “They gave us several options to remedy the situation, which I’m happy to report have worked!”

Drew says it’s a toss-up over what he likes best about PetWellClinic®—the vets, the quality of service, or the walk-in convenience of the clinics. “I have to say it’s all of those things. It’s such a relief to be able to go after work without an appointment but still be able to have our pets seen by a wonderful, caring staff,” Drew said, quickly adding, “The prices are also a plus! And I never have to wait long once I arrive.”

For more serious health issues that might involve x-rays or surgery, which PetWellClinic® doesn’t offer, Drew visits his regular full-service vet. “We’ve had to take Axl to a full-service vet in the past, but it was a smooth process going there and then back to PetWellClinic® for more routine matters,” Drew said. PetWellClinic® works with customers’ full-service vets to make sure all vaccinations and records are up-to-date with both veterinary providers. The process of using two vets—PetWellClinic® for minor issues, vaccinations, and exams, and a full-service vet for more serious issues—is a collaboration, not a competition.

Like many other pet owners in East Tennessee, Drew is glad he can rely on PetWellClinic® to help keep his pets happy and healthy. He says, “They take such good care of us as customers, and most importantly they take good care of our furbabies!”

The Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association recently highlighted how PetWellClinic® is able to offer more affordable prices by not having to maintain the overhead and staffing that’s required for surgical procedures. By operating as a walk-in-clinic for non-surgical care, PetWellClinic® is able to offer substantially discounted prices for safe heartworm, flea, and tick preventative products, as well as vaccinations, wellness exams, treatment of minor conditions or medications for chronic conditions.

PetWellClinic® is open during convenient evening and weekend hours, with no appointment necessary, at three locations: In Farragut at 10549 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37922; near West Hills at 7329 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919; and in Alcoa at 228 S. Calderwood Street, Alcoa, TN 37701.

Learn more about how PetWellClinic® can exceed your expectations for affordable, top quality pet care by visiting our website at www.petwellclinic.com.


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