Should You Continue Flea & Tick Prevention Through The Winter?

chihuahua-633962_960_720The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are finally falling. It’s the time of year that pet owners are often tempted to think that it’s ok to slack off keeping up with flea, tick, or heartworm prevention. However, in East Tennessee fleas are at their peak in the late summer and fall, and it’s not wise to discontinue tick and heartworm prevention as well.

Between late summer’s humidity and fall’s still mild temperatures, the build up of mulch or leaves makes for ample parasite breeding grounds. In addition, squirrels, possums and raccoons are more active as they prepare for the coming cooler weather, and can easily drop thousands of flea eggs while passing through your yard. Plus, dogs and cats begin getting their thicker winter coats in the fall, which make ideal homes for fleas and ticks.

Our relatively mild East Tennessee winters aren’t typically cold or long enough to kill off all infestations. Fleas can live outdoors in temperatures as low as 33 degrees for up to five days, which is certainly long enough to latch on to your pet and find their way into your home.

And did you know that flea eggs can live year round in protected areas such as crawl spaces or porches?

While it’s true that ticks aren’t as active in the winter, experts estimate the threshold temperature for tick activity is between 32 and 40 degrees, which it can certainly be on an East Tennessee winter day.

The best course of action to keep your pet and your home parasite free is to treat your pets year round. If you’re not sure which preventative product is best for your pet, the staff at the three PetWellClinic locations can help. We have a variety of top quality topical and chewable options for dogs and cats, at lower prices. By operating convenient hours for non-surgical care, PetWellClinic® is able to offer substantially discounted prices for safe flea, tick, and heartworm preventative products, vaccinations, wellness exams, and treatment of minor conditions. Think of us as a “minute clinic” for your pet—no appointment necessary, with quick in-and-out service.

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