Vet Care Prices: How Much Does a Vet Cost?

Your pets deserve the best veterinary care, but how much does quality vet care really cost? Local animal hospitals, private veterinary practices, and walk-in clinics all charge different prices for similar pet care services, and some can be steeper than you’d expect.

Routine vet visits are important for making sure your furry friends stay happy and healthy in the years to come, so we provide affordable veterinary care at all PetWellClinic locations through our convenient walk-in model. 

To compare PetWellClinic’s prices to the average veterinary provider—and show that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on vet care, we’ve laid out how much a vet care visit typically costs.

How Much Does a Vet Cost on Average?

Vet prices vary depending on the types of services you’re seeking as well as what type of veterinarian you’re going to. Animal hospitals, private vet practices, and walk-in clinics will all provide different price points for your pet’s health care. 

With preventative medicine for fleas, ticks, and heartworm, cat or dog vaccinations, and other items needed for a routine vet checkup all included, the average cost of a trip to the vet can be upwards of $250-$535. 

This makes the average annual cost of veterinary care for your dog around $1,391, and the average annual cost of veterinary care for your cat around $1,149. And that’s not even including emergency services that your pet may need.

Seems expensive, right? Luckily, caring for your pet doesn’t have to be. PetWellClinic provides pet parents with affordable vet care through convenient dog, cat, and puppy/kitten wellness packages, along with a la carte additions.

PetWellClinic Package and A La Carte Service Pricing

At PetWellClinic, we believe that high-quality preventative care for your pets should be affordable and accessible. Below are the vet care costs for our popular wellness packages and services:

Dog Wellness Packages:

  • Ideal Dog Package: $79
  • Total Dog Package: $109
  • Complete Dog Package: $199

Our Ideal Dog Packages starts with a 5-in-1 (DAPP) vaccine, a Lepto 4-way vaccine, and a Bordetella vaccine. The Total Dog Package adds on a Heartworm test and a dewormer, which help protect your pet from the threat of heartworm disease. Lastly, our Complete Dog Package adds important blood tests and a physical exam.

Cat Wellness Packages:

  • Ideal Cat Package: $79
  • Total Cat Package: $109
  • Complete Cat Package: $199
PetWellClinic wellness packages keep your pet’s future in mind.

The Ideal Cat Package includes a 3-in-1 (FVRC) vaccine and a Feline Leukemia vaccine. Our Total Cat Package adds on a Felv Test and a dewormer. If you’d like to add blood tests and a physical exam, you can opt for The Complete Cat Package.

These comprehensive wellness packages are made with your pet’s future in mind. For both dogs and cats, you can add a rabies vaccine for $15 and a physical exam for $39 when you purchase a wellness package. At some PetWellClinic locations, a physical exam is required to ensure your pet is receiving the highest quality of care.

To learn about pricing for puppy/kitten wellness packages, minor illness treatments, chronic condition treatments, and prevention products, visit your nearest PetWellClinic.

PetWellClinic’s Model for Affordable Vet Care

PetWellClinic was founded with pet owners in mind, especially when it comes to cost. Dr. Sam Meisler’s vision was to create America’s walk-in vet clinic, where you can find high-quality, affordable vet care across the United States with no appointment necessary.

To bring our costs down, we do not provide spay/neuter services or other surgeries that full-service animal hospitals offer, but you can contact your local animal shelter or nonprofit about affordable spay/neuter surgeries near you. We are always happy to work with your primary veterinarian to arrange pet X-rays or surgery as needed.

We also don’t hire receptionists to answer the phones in our clinics, as we want to devote all of our attention to the pets walking in with their pet owners. We’ve learned that our clinics can become very busy when filled with excited dogs and cats, so our veterinarians and veterinary assistants are able to serve you better without interruptions.

If you want to leave us a message, each of our clinics does have a phone set up to receive voicemails, and we will return your call within two business days.

Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care Costs

If you’re having trouble affording veterinary care for your pet, talk to your PetWellClinic veterinarian about what payment options are available to you. Our priority is to always have pet owners top of mind, so we will work with you to ensure your dog or cat receives the best affordable vet care.

PetWellClinic is part of the CareCredit network, so you can use your CareCredit credit card to help pay for your pet’s wellness packages, minor illness treatment, or prevention products. You can also ask about what other types of pet insurance we accept for reimbursement.

Veterinary care that is kind to you and your pet.

How Important Is It To Have Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance can act as a safety net if your pet ends up needing emergency care outside of their typical veterinary visits. This can help pet owners find peace of mind and be financially prepared if their pet has an unexpected accident or injury.

Young, healthy dogs and cats are great candidates for pet insurance plans. However, if your pet has a pre-existing condition, they may not qualify for a pet insurance policy. And pets with pre-existing conditions are typically the ones who need veterinary care most frequently.

That means that if you have an older dog or cat with more serious health issues, saving money in an emergency pet fund may be a better option for you. Prioritizing regular, preventative care can help your pet stay healthy throughout their life and save you money on vet expenses in the long run.

Whether your pet needs an updated rabies vaccination, a heartworm test, or a physical exam, PetWellClinic is here to be your one-stop-shop for affordable veterinary care. Costs should never have to prevent you from taking care of your furry friend, so we keep our prices as affordable as possible. Walk in today – no appointment necessary!

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