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Walk-In Vet Care: PetWellClinic Saved My Pet’s Life

PetWellClinic has been providing walk-in vet care for dogs and cats since 2010. What started as a convenient alternative to a traditional veterinary clinic in Knoxville, TN, has grown to include locations in multiple states, extended hours of operation in the evenings and on the weekends, and a reputation for compassionate, preventative care for your pets.

We recently caught up with a few of our pet owners who regularly bring their pets to PetWellClinic for walk-in veterinary care. Maddy, William, and Kayla are all dedicated pet owners who want the best for their furry friends, and turned to PetWellClinic for answers about their pet’s health.

PetWellClinic’s convenient hours of operation worked with my schedule

Maddy A. was thinking about adopting a dog for quite a while, with friends and family trying to convince her to get one too, when she decided it was the right time in March of 2021. Maddy and her boyfriend saw an ad on Craigslist for a 1-year old, male, neutered lab mix. She instantly texted the owner and set a time to meet the dog in question.

“When we arrived, the ‘neutered male’ turned out to be a female who wasn’t vaccinated, had recently had puppies, and wasn’t spayed. But we instantly fell in love and decided to bring her home and give her the care she needed,” Maddy says. “Bella immediately became a part of my family.”

convenient vet care
Bella loves her new life!

Maddy had never owned a dog that was completely her responsibility, and she didn’t even know where to start.

“I had just started working full-time, and I didn’t know of a vet clinic that would still be open when I could go after work. My coworker told me to go to PetWellClinic because they could see me during my lunch break or after I got off work. She also claimed they offered affordable pricing.”

When Maddy brought Bella to PetWellClinic, she was seen by Dr. Sam Meisler and another veterinary care specialist. They did a full physical exam for Bella, and made sure to be extra gentle with her as she was still timid and getting used to her new situation.

convenient pet care option
Bella and her happy family

“Dr. Sam took amazing care of Bella. I entered PetWellClinic extremely concerned about the price and worried that Bella was going to end up having a lot of undisclosed health issues, but I left PetWellClinic with the confidence that Bella was treated and completely healthy, without breaking the bank.

“Now I go to PetWellClinic for preventative dog medications, like flea and tick preventative. I’ll also be going for Bella’s annual exams and dog wellness packages. Each time I walk through the doors I’m greeted with incredible warmth, and they always answer any questions or concerns that I have! It is so reassuring to have an affordable and convenient pet care option right in my own neighborhood.”

preventative dog medications
Bella can look forward to a happy and healthy life thanks to PetWellClinic!

PetWellClinic identified health issues my cat was experiencing before I ever knew there was a problem

With the impact of COVID-19 on veterinary hospitals and clinics, William M. found when it was time for his cat, Figaro’s, annual core vaccines and wellness exam, that he couldn’t get an appointment at his usual vet clinic.

“I needed to find a vet clinic that would provide quality veterinary care, take care of Figaro’s basic health needs, and could actually see me on my schedule instead of waiting weeks to be seen.”

William had heard of PetWellClinic before, but he decided to give them a try when he found out they were a walk-in vet clinic that didn’t require any appointments. However, what he thought would be a routine exam ended up shedding light on some bigger issues.

cat uti
William brought Figaro to PetWellClinic when no other vet had appointments available

“Figaro isn’t a senior yet, but at five years old, I thought it was best to cover our bases. My wife and I chose to purchase the complete cat wellness package to ensure Figaro was completely covered for the next year.

“During his exam, I casually mentioned to the veterinarian at PetWellClinic that sometimes Figaro pees outside of his litterbox. She asked me some follow up questions about our home environment, if there had been any recent stressful changes, and how often it happened.”

When William replied that it happened pretty frequently, and that there hadn’t been any major changes in their household that would stress Figaro out, the PetWellClinic veterinarian proposed that he may be dealing with a urinary tract infection.

cat wellness package
During Figaro’s annual exam, the vet found some bigger issues!

“Honestly, I would never have considered a UTI as being the culprit to my cat’s peeing problems. But we ran some tests, and it turned out to be the issue! The vet prescribed some antibiotics for my cat, and it cleared up when she said it would.”

William and his wife were incredibly impressed with how attentive PetWellClinic’s veterinary specialists were to their cat’s care. In their own words, their experience at PetWellClinic has created lifelong clients out of them as long as they own a dog or cat.

affordable veterinary care
Figaro’s UTI cleared up with an antibiotics prescription

PetWellClinic saved my dog’s life, when we thought there was no hope

When Kayla R. first got her Black Lab, Luke, as a puppy, the people who were trying to give him away said they were going to take him to the shelter if no one took him. He was the runt of his litter and Kayla and her husband just couldn’t leave without taking him home.

“Whenever we first brought him home, he was so sick. He had horrible diarrhea and vomiting, and our first thought was that we had gotten a dog with parvo. We called around to see if we could make him an appointment at an animal hospital, but no one had immediate availability, and he was so sick.”

Parvo Puppy
Luke was very sick when he was a puppy, and no one could figure out what was wrong

Kayla and her husband had heard about PetWellClinic before, and they ended up calling one of their locations in their desperate attempts to get Luke some help. PetWellClinic’s walk-in vet clinic model gave Kayla and her husband the immediacy they were looking for in veterinary medicine.

“PetWellClinic caught that Luke was dealing with a simple food allergy. Because he was the runt, his immune and digestive system weren’t as robust as some other puppy’s are. Through an elimination process, we found out that Luke is allergic to duck and some grains.”

What started as a scary situation where Kayla wasn’t sure her dog would live, ended in having a healthy two-year old dog that’s almost 70 pounds and loves running around and playing with his furry friends.

dog food allergy
PetWellClinic discovered that Luke’s sickness was because of a simple food allergy!

“Luke’s tail wiggles the entire time he’s at PetWellClinic. We’ve had to take him to other vets before and he’s always terrified, but he loves his friends at PetWellClinic!

“Everyone at PetWellClinic is awesome. We absolutely adore coming there with Luke and our other pets. We are so thankful to have it only 5 minutes away from our house!”

vet care for busy pet owners
Luke lives a happy and healthy life with his humans and furry friends now!

Convenient Veterinary Care for Busy, Caring Pet Owners

PetWellClinic offers convenient, affordable veterinary care for pet owners who are on the go, but still want the best for their pets. All of our clinics offer walk-in vet care with extended hours in the evenings and on the weekends. 

Our goal is always to provide compassionate care, and we treat your pets like we would treat our own pets! Visit your local PetWellClinic today to meet our veterinary professionals and learn more about how to ensure that your pet enjoys a happy and healthy life.

PetWellClinic is dedicated to being here for pet owners. Our hours of operation extend into the evenings and weekends, and our clinic environment is built with your pet’s comfort in mind. Bring them by your local PetWellClinic for their next physical exam today!

PetWellClinic provides convenient, affordable veterinary care for pet owners. PetWellClinic has locations and services built with convenience in mind. Stop by with your pet any time! No appointment necessary.

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