Things to consider before putting a new puppy under the Christmas tree

3 Things to Consider Before Giving a New Pet As a Gift

Christmas is the time of year to plan fun surprises for your loved ones. With the magic of the holidays, surprising our friends and family feels even more special during this season. If you’re the kind of person that sees gifting the perfect gift as a fun challenge, the temptation of watching your kids or loved one coming down the stairs on Christmas morning to see a new puppy or kitten underneath the tree may be great. 

While a new pet is always a fun and exciting thing, they also come with their own list of responsibilities that the owner should be prepared for. In today’s blog post, we’ve listed out the top 3 things you should consider before gifting someone a new pet for the holidays (plus one piece of advice!).

Are you planning on getting a new pet for your kids for Christmas?

If you are, there’s a lot you should keep in mind before putting a red bow on Fluffy and sticking them underneath the tree on Christmas morning. A new pet always comes with preparation for the responsibilities it creates, but especially with children.

In one of our most recent blog posts we explored everything you should know before getting a new pet for your loved ones for Christmas. Some of the topics explored are:

  • How do I know my child is ready for a new pet?
  • What pet is best for children?
  • How much does it cost to own a pet?
  • Things to do before you bring home a new pet

Getting a new pet is one of the most momentous occasions for a child, and making it a special event around the holidays adds even more magic. While any new pet takes a lot of work, our collection of questions and tips can prepare your entire family for your new furry friend.

 Think about the age of the new pet

Different kinds of pets bring a different amount of responsibility. A new pet’s age can help you determine how much work they’re going to be. If you plan on giving a new puppy or a new kitten to a loved one for Christmas, consider everything you need to think about before making that decision.

We recently published a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know before getting a new puppy or kitten for Christmas. This 2020 Holiday Guide covers everything from the questions to ask yourself before getting a new puppy or kitten, to what supplies you’ll need before you bring your new pet home.

This guide will come in handy for anyone who’s been thinking about adding a new four-legged friend to their family, whether it’s the holidays or not.

 What type of pet should I look for?

Your lifestyle plays a huge role in the type of pet you should have. Do your research before settling on the type of pet you’re getting. Do you work a lot? Does your family travel often? If that’s the case, a pet that needs less interaction may be a good fit. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I active enough for a high energy breed?
  • Am I willing to clean out litter boxes or clean up after my dog?
  • Is my home big enough for a large breed or should I have a small one?
  • Does anyone in my household have any allergies?
  • Do I have the money to pay for an initial vet visit?

Plan ahead when getting a new pet for Christmas this year
Adorable Bulldog puppy standing next to a Christmas tree

Professional Pet Tip: Never gift a pet to someone as a surprise

We know. It’s tempting to surprise a loved one with the cutest present ever on Christmas morning, but a new pet is a serious commitment that an owner needs to be prepared for. Even if your loved one has been talking about getting a new pet for months, they should still be a part of the process of choosing their new pet.

Getting a new pet should never be an impulsive decision. No matter how cute a new pet may look, they come with a lot of needs, desires, learning curves, and responsibilities.

How can I give a pet to a loved one without surprising them?

  • Get them a gift certificate from your local shelter
  • Sit down and look for a new pet with your loved one online using PetFinder.com or browsing the current selection at your local shelter
  • Create your own homemade certificate for “One New Pet” and wrap it up in special packaging with the promise of paying the pet’s adoption fee

What if a loved one gifts a pet to me for the holidays and I don’t want one?

WebMD has published some helpful tips on how to politely decline the gift of a new pet if it doesn’t fit with your current lifestyle. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should never feel bad if a new pet doesn’t fit into your life. A pet is a fun, but serious and personal decision that you and your family should all make together.

If you decide to move forward with giving a new pet to a loved one for the holidays, go ahead and visit one of our PetWellClinic locations to pre-purchase a vaccine package!

No matter how you choose to surprise a loved one with a new pet this Christmas, plan ahead to connect the new pet with your neighborhood veterinarian. PetWellClinic has locations and services built with your convenience in mind, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. This holiday season we will close early at 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve, and we will be closed Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

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