Vaccines Encouraged Even During Crisis

Public health experts are concerned about a drop in immunizations for children across the country. Many parents are cancelling well-child checkups to avoid possible exposure to Covid-19. Without immunizations, millions of children are at risk for serious illnesses such as measles, whooping cough an others.

Preventive care for your pet also remains a priority for their health and well being. PetWellClinic has remained open throughout this health crisis. We want to be here for our clients and their pets. We have set up precautions necessary to protect our doctors, staff, clients and their pets. We are taking important steps to keep you and your pets safe so you can feel secure when making certain your pet is protected against disease.

Currently when you arrive at one of our locations, you will see a sign with a number to text that you have arrived. This will alert our team you are in the parking lot. Instructions will then be provided for your next steps. Our team will also help you check-in online if you have not already done so. You will be directed when to enter the building. We have established new protocols to maintain safe social distancing. Rest assured our promise to provide quality wellness, preventive and sick care will continue in a transparent and efficient manner. We are constantly updating our protocols and procedures while still maintaining our values and high standards. And we will continue to do so throughout this crisis.

The diseases which exist that require us to keep our pets vaccines up to date remain in circulation even during this unprecedented crisis. The last thing anyone wants is a devastating disease to affect their pet’s health while also dealing with this crisis. Disease remains a possibility even though we are battling Covid-19. Understandably there are people who will be unable to vaccinate their pet at this time thereby increasing the risk of illness to yours. For example, we have an outbreak of leptospirosis every time we have flooding. In addition, when you get your pet vaccinated you can pick up flea and heart worm prevention at the same time.

Our pets provide companionship and certainty. They help us maintain our well being during a time of tremendous uncertainty and stress. Pets provide comfort and emotional support. They help reduce the stress and anxiety all of us are feeling. Pets decrease feelings of loneliness during a time when we are increasingly isolated. It is more important than ever to keep them safe and healthy.


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