Telemedicine Using the Medici App to Connect with PetWellClinic

PetWellClinic now provides a tool for our clients to communicate with our veterinary assistants and even with our doctors. This tool is the Medici App which is used throughout the human medical field. If you already use the app, great! If not, download it here. Note, in order to fulfill the minimum legal requirements of the state of Tennessee, your pet must have had a full physical examination by one of our veterinarians within the last 12 months.

How does telemedicine veterinary care work?

1. Download the app here.
2. Sign up for an account.
3. Log into the app.
4. Optional – Click on the Add a Code button.
5. Optional – Use code PETWELLCLINIC.
6. Click on the PetWellClinic Front Desk Profile.
7. Then click on the Message button and begin!
8. Our Front Desk team will then help you with pet patient issues.

What can I expect from telemedicine in veterinary medicine?

Telemedicine in veterinary medicine is regulated by both the state and the federal government. There are rules that a veterinarian must follow in order to maintain licensure – these are imposed by the State. There are laws and rules that the FDA and DEA regulate in regards to prescribing prescription medications. And there are liability guidelines that we have to follow. Finally, above all, we would like to offer quality medicine and some conditions are just not diagnosable through telemedicine.

With the Medici app on your phone, you will first reach out to the PetWellClinic Front Desk. They will get some history and go over telemedicine guidelines with you. Then if you would like to go further, they will connect you with one of our veterinarians for a fee. There will be, of course, some conditions that will subsequently require an in-person physical examination of your pet. If an in-person physical examination is required, then if it is performed within 48 hours of the telemedicine consult, the fee for the consult will be credited towards the in-person physical exam. It may happen that through the telemedicine consult, we are only able to advise you and not able to prescribe medications for your pet. In this case, the telemedicine consult fee is not refundable.

Can I use the telemedicine veterinary consult just for advice?

You can absolutely use it as a means to consult with one of our veterinarians even if it does not necessarily lead to a treatment or diagnosis. Please know that the fee still applies.

Will I get charged for reaching out to the PetWellClinic Front Desk?

You will only get charged once the PetWellClinic Front Desk pulls in the PetWellClinic doctor for the consult. Please know that by state law, the PetWellClinic Front Desk can not diagnose, treat or give medical advice without specific direction from a veterinarian.

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