3 Reasons We Don’t Answer Phones—And How That Helps You

A veterinarian’s waiting room is like any other medical practice—busy. Patients, or in our case pets with their owners, are coming and going on a walk-in basis at our three locations in Knoxville and Alcoa. Phone calls can quickly become distracting when they take time and attention away from clients already in the clinic. In fact, at […]

Why One Knoxville Dog Owner Chose PetWellClinic For Vaccinations

Melissa Van Kirk, of Knoxville, is an experienced dog owner, usually owning two or three at any given time. She and her husband have an adult Snorkie named Mushy, and, following the death of their 14-year-old Shetland Sheepdog, Elsa, earlier this year, they added a new Sheltie puppy, Poseidon, to their family. Last year, when […]

How Using Two Vets Could Actually Save You Money

The two top concerns most people take into account when seeking healthcare—whether for themselves or for their pets—are convenience and affordability. For example, the growing number of walk-in clinics is proving to be a trusted resource for many people in search of basic health services related to colds, sore throats, minor wounds, and general immunizations […]