Walk-in vet care. Open to you. Kind to your pet.

Scott Township - Now Open!
Walk-in - No Appointment Necessary.

 1100 Washington Avenue

Carnegie, PA 15106


Walk-ins only for your convenience


Tuesday through Friday 11am – 7pm

Saturday 11am – 4pm


Walk-ins only for your convenience

We focus on four general areas of veterinary services:

Preventative Care

Wellness exams, vaccinations, and discounted products to prevent heartworms, fleas, and ticks in dogs and cats.

Chronic Conditions

This includes allergies, diabetes, seizures, and arthritis.

Minor Illnesses

Such as ear infections, skin rashes, minor injuries, cough and nasal discharge, and gastrointestinal issues.

Laboratory Testing

Affordable, comprehensive blood testing.

Walk-In Vet Care in SCOTT TOWNSHIP, PA

At our convenient location in Scott Township, PA, we serve pet owners from across the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

Our team is built with your pet’s health in mind. With an emphasis on compassion and high-quality veterinary care, we care for every dog and cat as if it were our own.

Drop by PetWellClinic Scott Township with your pet at any time! No appointment is ever necessary.

Meet the Team

DR. Craig Aldinger


A 2007 graduate of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Aldinger originally
focused on equine medicine in Lexington, KY, but has been practicing small animal medicine since 2010.
He enjoys preventative medicine and the challenges that accompany working up difficult internal
medicine cases. As a native of the area, Dr. Aldinger enjoys all things Pittsburgh, and looks forward to
serving Carnegie and the surrounding communities.

Dave Jones

Franchise Owner

With an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and a Master’s in Business from Carnegie Mellon University, Dave’s professional experience with corporations like Matthews International and Proctor & Gamble was instrumental in his success in building businesses as an entrepreneur.  Prior to opening PetWellClinic, he grew and later sold Allegra & Image360 of Pittsburgh, a marketing, printing, and sign/graphics business located in Crafton.


Coming from a family of pet lovers (daughter is a veterinary student and wife is a volunteer at Humane Animal Rescue), Dave and son/partner, Colin, are very involved and connected with the community and anxious to serve those looking for convenient and high-quality care for dogs and cats.

Colin Jones

Franchise Owner

Before franchise ownership, Colin established a background in inside/outside sales and business development at a physician staffing agency, polishing interpersonal relationships with high profile practitioners and other healthcare personnel. An accountant by trade in regional as well as Big 4 firms, Colin is excited to merge his corporate financial, operational, and professional networking abilities in an industry he has always felt passionate about. As a lifelong dog owner and multi-sport athlete, he is eager to put his teambuilding skills to work to help serve pet owners in the Greater Pittsburgh area!

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