Walk-in Vet Care. Open To You. Kind To Your Pet.

East Greenway, AZ

Now Open!

Walk in today. no appointment necessary!

Walk-in Vet Care.
Open To You.
Kind To Your Pet.

East Greenway, AZ

now open!

Walk in today.
no appointment necessary!


MONDAY: 11am to 7pm
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FRIDAY: 11am to 7pm
SATURDAY: 11am to 5pm

Meet Our Vet

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Meet the Team

Dr. Eduardo Gutierrez


Dr. Eduardo Gutierrez was born and raised in Mexico. At a young age, he showed great interest in animals. His father, who is also a veterinarian, ultimately inspired him to follow in his footsteps. In 2015, Dr. Eduardo graduated from the ITSON Veterinary Medicine Program and later moved to the United States. In 2022, he obtained his Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates diploma, certified by the American Veterinary Medical Association, and started practicing veterinary medicine in the state of Nevada. Dr. Eduardo recently moved back to Arizona to be closer to his family.

Dr. Eduardo enjoys many aspects of being a veterinarian, but his favorite is watching long-term relationships with pet owners develop and helping them keep their pets happy and healthy for as long as possible.

He enjoys outdoor activities, exercising, and spending time with his wife Maria.  Together they have a Shih-Tzu named Ru, a 13-year-old chihuahua named Braulio, and a kitty named Mija.

Dr. Caroline Magargle


Dr. Caroline Magargle (or Dr. Casey to her friends and clients) has lived in Arizona since childhood. Her devotion to pets and medicine started young, having all of her stuffed animals in casts and bandages. Her career was cemented during her teenage years while working at a clinic in Scottsdale. A good samaritan brought in an injured cat and the veterinarians determined that she was pregnant and had been hit by a car. Her injuries made a cesarean section necessary and all of the employees got to help with the newborn kittens.


After participating in this miraculous day, Dr. Casey was determined to help animals. She attended Arizona State University, followed by Colorado State University for her veterinary degree in 2003. She has always specialized in cats and dogs, practicing in the valley for 20 years.


Her favorite part of her job is preventative medicine. She loves making sure that puppies and kittens stay protected from infectious diseases. She also enjoys educating people on how to best care for their furry friends and teaching other staff members how to gently handle pets.


Dr. Casey is very busy with her family, including a pit bull dog named Jenna, a ball python named Pringles, and a sulcata tortoise named Copper Popper! She also enjoys hiking, cooking, and volunteering on her children’s PTO.

Tips for Pet Owners

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